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Usually two or three individuals start talking about their reunion but more assistance is needed so form a committee!

Since there are various components to planning a reunion, tasks should be divided amongst the members and any friends willing to assist. Classes generally have a steering committee of 3-5 members and then others are invited to assist with the details of the planning and execution of the event.

Suggested committees for reunion planning are:

• Coordinator with helpers

• Address verification and search

• Printing/Mailing (includes letters, surveys & Invitations)

• Event Organizer/Planner  (on or off campus)

• Food and Beverage

• Liturgy

• Publicity (social media, ads, mail outs, etc.)

• Memory Book/Directory

• Clean-Up



Contact with Shawe Memorial Jr./Sr. High School

One alumnus from the committee, usually the chair, should be designated as the contact person with Phil Kahn, President of Schools, and he helps with Alumni Relations at Shawe Memorial High School.  Call 812-273-5835  ext. 245

Contact with the Alumni Office will greatly help you in your planning process. Please utilize their services wherever needed.

If you would like to place your upcoming reunion on this site, send an email to or call 812-273-5835, x 245. If you have any pictures from previous reunions, please share them with us.


Are you ready for your reunion this year?

Your Classmates Have To Live Somewhere

Before you send your first mailing, contact the Alumni Office at Shawe Memorial to receive your full class list. This class list has been updated and is the most current information we have.  Some committees have found it helpful to track lost classmates through any sisters, parents, brothers or cousins who may have also attended Shawe Memorial or they may still have local family members that can be contacted.  . Simply call the Alumni Office and we will help you in your search. The list that is provided by Shawe Memorial High School should not be distributed or sold to any businesses; it is to be used solely for the purpose of contacting classmates for an exciting, fun-filled reunion.

Once all addresses have been verified you are ready to begin contacting your classmates. If you find information on some of your lost classmates, please turn this into the alumni office, as it may have an easier time finding your classmates. Specific information to include would be married names, maiden names,  address, emails, cell phone numbers and birthdates.



Where and When Should We Have The Reunion?

A Survey Will Help In The Decision Making

The entire reunion committee should discuss various options for the event in developing a survey for the first letter that will be mailed to classmates.

The Schools Summer Festival on campus has been designated as “Alumni Weekend” and is a great weekend  to plan around.    Please know that he Alumni weekend will always be near the end of August and the date can be confirmed through the schools one year in advance of the next event.    The Festival will have built in entertainment with live music on stage, carnival rides, casino, beer and wine area, food, games and fun.    The school will also provide an “Alumni Area” with a tent so that everyone can catch up and enjoy the weekend.

The reunions can take place any time during the year and the school is more than willing to help in any way possible with your class.    The school can coordinate tours of the campus or if a group would like to come and see the hallways, classrooms and any updates that have been done to the school.  We encourage classes to come back and to walk the halls and reminisce about their high school days.  Most classes do this on Saturday evening or Sunday before everyone would leave town.    Please contact the Alumni office with the school for any questions.

Many local restaurants have extra rooms or meeting places for small events and have worked out well for recent reunions.    Some classes have also met in the Shawe Student Lounge which has recently been named after Sister Thomasita Hayes in honor of her time at Shawe Memorial.   Some local places that have been used for reunions recently are:   Clifty Falls State Park, Harry’s Stone Grill, Red Pepper Restaurant, Riverboat Inn and Suites and many more.   Please keep in mind that we would encourage anyone that needs a hotel room to call Riverboat Inn and Suites since the owner is very dedicated to the schools and supports the church and school.   Please call and ask for the owner (Kathie Petkovic) if you would like to block some rooms for a reunion and ask for a Shawe Alumni rate.   She will be happy to help depending on availability.

Riverboat Inn and Suites   812-265-2361   Be sure to ask for Kathie….

After you have identified your options you may wish to mail a survey to your class. No matter what time of year, you will not have the entire class attend but that should not hinder your efforts. Committees have sent out a survey as to where the class wants to meet and what month might be best.

• Some other points you might want to survey the class on:

• Should the event be a lunch, brunch or dinner?

• Should spouses/significant others/children attend?

• Should we request seats to be reserved at a weekend mass?

• Would they like to help in the planning of the reunion?

• Who would like to help with taking pictures of the weekend?

• Would you like to plan a tour of Shawe during the reunion weekend?

Give the alumni three weeks to respond to the survey and/or update sheet. After three weeks, use the surveys to proceed with planning.

Mailings/Social Media

The Alumni office would be glad to send out the spreadsheet of names and addresses that we have in our system.   We will also be willing to help you locate anyone that may be difficult to find.  Many reunions are having much better luck finding people do to social media (Facebook and more).   Please be sure to keep track of all updates on contact information and contact the school so that we can update the database after the reunion.

Liturgy Planning

Arrangements should be made with the Alumni Office for the set-up of the Mass. Depending on the number attending, Mass may be held in the gym during the Alumni/Festival weekend. The school would be happy to reserve any planned number of seats for attendee’s.  We try to recognize any Shawe class celebrating their reunion near the end of mass.

A Class Gift

The Day Is Finally Here!

A class may wish to include a memorial gift to Shawe Memorial High School. During this time of memories of your high school days, we need to remember the current and future students of Shawe. A class gift is a wonderful way of showing your appreciation for Shawe High School. Hopefully, you would want everyone to be able to share in your Shawe experience.

There are many areas of need within our school and Shawe Memorial may designate for a specific purpose or for general use of a gift. Some suggestions for specific areas of need at present are:

• Yearly Schools Annual Budget

• Tuition assistance for students

• Friends of Shawe and Pope John Endowment

• Specific needs or projects of the schools



You, the reunion committee, should also help encourage everyone to contribute something to the class gift. Any donation to Shawe will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

The committee may wish to discuss the class gift with the Alumni or Development Office to help them in their determination for designating the gift.

After months of discussion, questions and planning the moment has come.    Congratulations and enjoy your event.   We know that there is a lot of planning and hard work that goes into your reunion and we hope that you have a great time seeing all of your classmates and friends.

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