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There are two options when applying to a college or university.  The guidance office does not have paper applications.  Please review the following information:

1)  Apply through the college or university website: This application process begins with the student creating an account on a college/university website.  Then the student completes the application online, in most cases students may save their work and submit when ready.  Read the information on the website for detailed directions.


Make sure you print off the “Counselor’s Page” or “Secondary School Report.”  Complete the top portion (make sure you sign it if required) then turn it in to Mrs. Miller.  Mrs. Miller will complete this form and mail it along with your transcript.  If the application does not have a “Counselor’s Page/Secondary School Report” please complete a Transcript Request Form available outside the guidance office.


Shawe is currently not using E-transcript.  Mrs. Miller will let seniors know if this becomes an option this school year.



2)  Use the Common Application:  A select group of colleges and universities require students to use the Common Application.  The Common Application is intended to streamline the application process for “member schools.”  Students complete the online application once and can submit the application to numerous colleges.  For some colleges completing the Common Application is sufficient.  Others may also require supplemental materials such as essays.  Each college/university will be different.  Students must create an account and initiate this application process.  Go to www.commonapp.org  for a complete list of member colleges and universities.  Students will enter Mrs. Miller’s information in the school counselor section of the Common Application which sends an email to Mrs. Miller allowing her to submit the student’s transcript and secondary school report online.


SAT/ACT Scores:  SAT/ACT scores are listed on your high school transcript.  Most colleges will accept scores from your transcript; however, some colleges require that scores are sent directly to the college from the test center (example from the College Board).  It is the student’s responsibility to know the requirements of each college to which they are applying.  Applications for admission will not be complete until the college receives your transcript and test scores.



Please pay attention to admission deadlines and allow time for processing through the Guidance Office.  You should allow Mrs. Miller at least one week to process your transcript request.


If you need help please ask.  Make an appointment with Mrs. Miller.


Information you might need for your applications:


Mrs. Angela Miller / Dean of Studies   Shawe Memorial Junior Senior High School

deanofstudies@popeace.org    201 W. State Street

Phone: 812-273-2150, ext. 230   Madison, IN  47250

Fax: 812-273-2013     Shawe’s School CEEB code: 152-175



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