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Peer Mentor Program


Our Mission Statement: Helping Others to Help Themselves!



Be a Good Samaritan.  Do Not Ignore the Wounded and the Vulnerable. Love Your Neighbor.  Help All of Those Who Are in Need!

What We Do & Who We Are:


Caring & Empathetic Listeners Who Maintain Confidentiality Yet Seeks Professional Adult Counselors for Help in Assisting Students with Personal Issues.


    Peer Mentors Who:

          Teach Character Lessons to Peers

          Present Monthly Anti-Bullying Messages to Classes Through Skits & Posters

          Assist Counselors in Career & College Education


          Assist with Support Groups

          Run a Family Group

          Perform Service Hours Through Community Projects

          Serve as Mentors to New Students to our Schools

    Serve as Role Models:

           In Practicing Catholic Christian Values

           Present Positive Image to Faculty, Parish, & Community to Garner Support for the Peer Mentoring Program


Objectives of Our Peer Mentoring Program are:


1. To provide the opportunity to establish meaningful and caring relationships with their peers.

2. To train in helping skills such as: listening, empathy, communications and problem-solving.

3. To provide the opportunity to participate in positive school activities such as monthly Catholic Christian Character Values, Peer Mentoring & Listening, Welcoming & Shadowing New Students, Peer Helper Tutoring Program, Anti- Bullying Messages, and being a Positive Role Model in our Community, just to name a few.

4. To develop and enhance leadership, self-esteem, problem-solving, decision-making, and inter-personal skills among the Peer Mentors and the entire student body.

5. To help enhance a school climate in which everyone demonstrates caring for others.

6. To extend the guidance and counseling services of the school through the use of Peer Mentors.


Goals of Our Peer Mentoring Program:

1. Decrease Discipline Referrals.

2. Increase Attendance Rate.

3. Increase Positive Self-Worth (Pre & Post Surveys)

4. Increase a Feeling of Belonging to our School & Community – That it is a Warm & Caring Place

5. Increase the Perception of an Environment That Promotes Learning and a Safe & Healthy School.



1. Aguilar, Josselin

2. Aguilar, Shirley

3. Avalos, Bryan

4. Binzer, Matthew

5. Brandon, Bailee

6. Christian, Makayla

7. Cole, Chandler

8. Cooper, Erin

9. Frede, Ellen

10. Green, Charity

11. Grote, Caroline

12. Grote, Davis

13. Grote, Jack

14. Grote, Lauren

15. Grote, Phoebe

16. Hambrick, Cayden

17. Henderson, Hunter

18. Henderson, Wesley

19. Hertz, Katie

20. Hesse, Megan

21. Jesse, Waylen

22. Jones, Trinity

23. Kinne, Leon

24. Knoebel, Lauren

25. Lainhart, Logan

26. Legeza, Sami

27. Lewis, Izzy

28. Lisle, Joseph

29. Lopez, Jessica

30. Perez, Marili

31. Martin, Summer

32. McAllister, Grace

33. Reyes, Briseida

34. Rios, Maria

35. Russell, Devin

36. Sedam, Brayden

37. Shaw, Samantha

38. Spencer, Nicole

39. Snodgrass, Kristen

40. Stitzel, T.J.

41. Stuart, Ethan

42. Thayer, Haley

43. Turner, Eli

44. Whitham, Sophie


Pope John Peer Mentors 2017-18

1.Gia Craig – 6th

2.Tarcila Garcia Nonato – 6th

3,Zachary Gish –  6th

4.Sylvia Heath – 6th

5.Jacob Hertz – 6th

6.Elizabeth Jung – 6th

7.Philip Kahn – 6th

8.Matt Mingione – 6th

9.Jacob Minnick – 6th

10.Cassidy Nott – 6th

11.Yolett Perez – 6th

12.Aubree Turnbull – 6th

13.Evelyn Vaughn - 6th

14.Kira Wells – 6th

1.Ava Armbrecht - 5th

2.Avery Clayton - 5th

3.Jade Cox - 5th

4.Ashley Dean - 5th

5.Samantha Hardy - 5th

6.Alexie Jones - 5th

7.Allison Knoebel - 5th

8.Julia Leatherman - 5th

9.Jenna Martin - 5th

10.Kelly McClure - 5th

11.Allie Riedel - 5th

12.Lakyn Tingle - 5th

13.Ava Turner - 5th

14.Nicholas Schultz - 5th

15.Emma Wynn - 5th

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