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Pope John XXIII

School Profile

     Pope John XXIII

  Elementary School

      221 W State St.

  Madison, IN  47250


       School Hours

    8:15am - 3:00pm


2018-2019 PROFILE


Current Enrollment

Preschool:      61

Kindergarten-6th Grade:    241


Our Vision



Our Faculty and Staff

Our   Faculty   and   Staff

Chris   Craig,   Pastor

Phil   Kahn,   President

Curt   Gardner,   Principal

Pope   John   has   19   full-time   and   28   part-time faculty/staff.

Our   average   class   size   is   17.2.


Grading System

3rd-6th Grade             K-2nd Grade

Percentage Scale       Skill Based Scale

95-100          A              E  – Exceeds Standard

86-94            B             M – Met Standard

76-85            C             N – Did not meet Standard

70-75            D             X – Did not cover the  Standard

69-0              F







Spring  2017  ISTEP+   (%  of  students who   scored   at   or   above   the   state standard)


3rd Grade                    English/Language Arts    81.6%

                                    Mathematics                    50%


4th Grade                    English/Language Arts    81.6%

                                    Mathematics                   60.5%

                                    Science                           73.7%


5th Grade                    English/Language Arts   52.9%

                                    Mathematics                   58.8%


6th Grade                    English/Language Arts   73.2%

                                    Mathematics                   63.4%

                                    Science                           75.6%


Refer to Indiana Department of Education website for more information, www.doe.state.in.us.



Accreditation and Membership

Pope   John   XXIII   Elementary   School   is   accredited by   the   Indiana   Department   of   Education   and   the North   Central   Association   of   Colleges   and   Schools. Pope   John   is   also   a   member   of   the   Indiana Non-Public   Education   Association.


Academic Teams

Extra   academic   team   opportunities   are experienced   at   Pope   John   which   include: Geography   Bee,   Math   Bowl,   Spelling   Bowl   and Science   Bowl.


Special Classes

On   a   weekly   basis,   Pope   John   students   receive instruction   in   special   classes:      creative   art,   computer instruction,   library   media,   music   or   band   and   p.e. Students   are   given   the   opportunity   to   learn   more about   the   Spanish   or   French   languages   and   cultures.


Unique Opportunities

Our   students   have   the   opportunity   to   use   and improve   their   public   speaking   skills   from kindergarten  through  6t h   grade  by  actively participating   in   weekly   liturgies.

Daily   prayer   sets   the   tone   for   the   day,   gives   the entire   school   an   opportunity   to   think   about   their faith   and   remember   people   in   their   lives   who   need our   prayers.      Our   Christian   environment   provides   a sense   of   community.

Caring  and  dedicated  teachers  are  involved  with numerous   activities,   attend   sporting   events, encourage   academic   competitions   and   share   their faith-filled   lives   with   their   students.

Pope   John   students   are   involved   in   service   learning projects;    Birthline,  Run  for  Molly  Dattilo,  food drives   and   donating   items   for   those   less   fortunate, just   to   name   a   few.


After School Activities

Baton,  Boy  Scouts,  Dance,  Piano,  Girls  on  the  Run, and   Pope   John   Running   Club

Extended   Care   is   offered   for   every   child   at   Pope John  from  3:00-5:30pm.


Pope John Preschool/Daycare

Pope   John   Preschool/Daycare   offers   a   unique   and quality  program  for  preschool  aged  children.    The program   is   staffed   with   11   quality   individuals   who provide  a  caring  and  nurturing  environment  for developmental  growth  and  enrichment  for  our children’s   future.


Prince of Peace Catholic Schools prepare students to lead meaningful lives by combining rigorous academics with opportunities for exploration and reflection.


Prince of Peace Catholic Schools are one of the area's leading Catholic Schools.

Pope John XXIII Elementary

221 West State Street

Madison, Indiana 47250


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201 West State Street

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Administration and Parish Office

305 West State Street

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