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Pope John XXIII

Program of Studies

Academic Requirements

Program of Studies


High School Course Offerings


Religion Department

Understanding the Scriptures, Grade 9

History of the Catholic Church Part I, Grade 10

History of the Catholic Church Part II, Grade 11

Our Moral Life in Christ/Theology of the Body, Grade 12


English Department

English 9

Honors English 9

English 10

Honors English 10

English 11

English Language & Composition, AP*

English 12

English Literature & Composition, AP*

Composition (semester)

Advanced Composition (semester)

Creative Writing* (semester or year)

Etymology (semester)

Speech (semester)

Student Publications



Mathematics Department

Algebra I


Algebra II

Trigonometry* (semester)

Adv. Mathematics/Pre-Calculus* (semester)

Calculus AB, AP*

Probability & Statistics (semester)


Science Department

Biology I (L)

Biology II (L)

Earth & Space Science I (L)

Integrated Chemistry-Physics (L)

Physics I (L)

Chemistry I (L)

Chemistry, AP

Advanced Science, Special Topics (L)

Anatomy (semester)



Social Studies Department

Geography & History of the World

World History & Civilization

United States History

United States History, AP*

Economics (semester)

United States Government (semester)

Government & Politics: United States, AP

Current Problems, Issues, & Events (semester)

Psychology (semester)


Fine Arts Department

Beginning Concert Band (L)

Concert Band (L)

Theatre Arts (L)

2D Art (L)

3D Art (L)

Photography (semester)

Visual Communication (semester)


Health & Wellness Department

Health & Wellness Education (semester)


Physical Education Department

Physical Education I (L) (semester)

Physical Education II (L) (semester)

Elective Physical Education (L) (semester or year)


Project Lead the Way / Engineering

Introduction to Engineering Design*

Principles of Engineering*

Digital Electronics*

Engineering Design & Development


World Language Department

French I

French II

French III

French IV

French V

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Spanish V


Other Electives

College-Entrance Preparation (semester)

Professional Career Internship (semester or year)

Business Math (semester)

Introduction to Business (semester)



(L) – Laboratory Component


* Dual Credit opportunity with Ivy Tech Community College when prerequisites are met.



Junior High Course Offerings


Religion Department

Introduction to Catholicism, Grades 7 & 8


English Department

Language Arts, Grade 7

Language Arts, Grade 8

Advanced Language Arts, Grade 8


Mathematics Department

Middle Level Mathematics, Grade 7

Middle Level Mathematics, Grade 7 or 8 (Pre-Algebra)

Algebra 1 (High School Credit)


Social Studies Department

Social Studies, Grade 7

Social Studies, Grade 8


Science Department

Science, Grade 7

Science, Grade 8


Additional Required Courses

Study Skills, Grade 7 (semester)

Health & Wellness, Grade 7 (semester)

Health & Wellness, Grade 8 (semester)

Physical Education, Grade 7 (semester)

Physical Education, Grade 8 (semester)



Middle Level World Language (Spanish)

Middle Level World Language (French)

Spanish I (High School Credit)

French I (High School Credit)

Middle Level Visual Art

Middle Level Creative Dramatics

Middle Level Band

Keyboarding/Computers (semester)

Introduction to Engineering Design (High School Credit)

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