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Shawe Memorial Jr./Sr.

High School Dress Code

The Standard Dress Code of SMHS is based on our belief that students should present an image that reflects a sense of pride in themselves, their families and their school.  In a society which places much emphasis on fashion, where consumerism attempts to define social position and where self-worth is established by price, label or the logo which appears on clothing. Our Standard Dress Code stands as a reminder that the real worth of the individual is in what he or she accomplishes with the gifts that God has given to them.




• SMHS Polo Shirts with the embroidered school logo. These may be short sleeved or long sleeved in green, gold, maize (soft yellow) and white.  Seniors have the privilege of wearing a black polo with embroidered school logo.

• Plain slacks (no patterns, stripes, etc.)  Must be khaki or navy blue. Khakis should be in the “tan” family, and can range from light cream/tan to a darker tan.  Skorts, skirts, or shorts may be worn in knee-length. All must be hemmed (i.e. no frayed hems)

• Only sweatshirts, fleeces and cardigan sweaters in green or white with the Prince of Peace Catholic Schools logo may be worn overtop the uniform shirt during the school day.

• Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.

• Students may wear tee shirts or turtlenecks under the uniform in a green, white, tan, yellow, black, and gray.

• All clothing must be clean, properly fitted, neat and not tattered, as well as worn with appropriate undergarments. The school logo must be in good condition.

• Clothing must be worn as it is intended to be worn. Shirt-tails must be tucked in and slacks and shorts must be the proper waist size and must be worn at the waist.

• Jewelry should be modest and conservative.  No other visible body parts such as a (nose, eyebrow) should be pierced with jewelry and tattoos will need to be under cover at all times.

• All students should be neat and well groomed.   Men are to be clean-shaven.  Mustaches, beards, goatees or long sideburns, etc., will not be allowed. Men with shoulder length hair should have it pulled back in a ponytail.  Hairstyles and hair color should be reasonable, so as not to distract other students.


Dress Down Days


The student body will have opportunity to earn dress down days.  Dress down days should be viewed as a privilege, not a right.  Selection of clothing worn on “dress down days” should not contradict Catholic values and should be limited to blue jeans or capris and an appropriate t-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, dress shirt or blouse.  Shirts must have sleeves and long enough to cover the midriff.  Spandex material is not permitted at any time.


Green and Gold Days


On special days during the year, SMSH will have Green and Gold Days.  Students are permitted to wear any shirt or pants that have a base color of green or gold or a Shawe shirt.  Students may wear jeans. Pants must be at least knee length.  Tights, yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops are not allowed.  Students always have the option to wear their uniform.


Dress Up Days


To celebrate special occasions, SMHS may have dress up days.  On these days, gentleman must wear a shirt and tie.  Females must wear a knee length skirt or dress, and an appropriate top.  All parts of the body should be appropriately covered. Students always have the option to wear their uniform.

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