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Steve Hesse, Principal

Shawe Memorial Jr./Sr. High School

Shawe Memorial has been providing a Catholic education in Madison, Indiana for over sixty years.  We are proud of the many academic and athletic achievements our students have accomplished during this time.  However, our greatest accomplishment is building relationships.  Shawe strives to instill a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ in each of our students along with a personal, enduring relationship with one another.  Whether you are a current family, an alumni, or thinking about becoming part of the Shawe family, we look forward to building or continuing to build a relationship with you.

Mission Statement

Building on 170 years of exemplary Catholic education, the Prince of Peace Catholic Schools, Pope John XXIII Elementary and Shawe Memorial Junior-Senior High School, continue to provide challenging academics in a safe and nurturing environment.  Prince of Peace Schools welcomes families of all faiths from Madison, Indiana and the surrounding communities.  With an emphasis on family involvement in all aspects of the educational process students have the opportunity to grow in body, mind and spirit, while serving God, the church and the community.

Vision Statement

Prince of Peace Schools will be the educational choice for families seeking an exemplary education, faith based values and lifelong learning skills.


He creates, We shape and They soar


He creates:

Every child is a unique gift from God


We shape:

We nurture the whole child assisting the family in the full intellectual, spiritual and physical development through rigorous academics tailored to the students needs.  The school will enable the students to serve as leaders in their school and become valuable members of the church and civic community.


They soar:

Globally connected, contributing citizens…… We strive for the development of lifelong learning, strong moral decision making skills and health in mind and body for all learners.




• Students are created in the image of God.

• Students learn the Gospel values and use them in daily life.

• Students are provided with worship opportunities as well as community service learning.

• Students are unique and loveable.  Each holds a gift or talent to be shared.  We learn to appreciate others through their contributions to our community.

• Teachers, parents and students work as a partnership to achieve our goals.

• Students develop a love for learning which builds commitment and passion for lifelong learning.

• Children are encouraged to reach their own potential.

• Our school strives to provide an atmosphere that fully supports the Catholic faith, values diversity and supports social, cognitive, emotional and physical development.

A Shawe Grad at Graduation

During their time at Pope John Elementary School, students build the foundation for their future.  Students begin to form as responsible learners, which will be shown in their academic achievement, physical activity and social awareness.  The skills gained Pope John students are based in Catholic teachings and values.  Examples of the student achievements are:



•  Is a community minded citizen

•  Is Independent

•  Shows tolerance of people's differences

•  Is a good stewart of time, talent and treasure

•  Is spiritually grounded

•  Is an active participant in his faith

•  Is morally responsible

•  Has strong knowledge of the Catholic faith

•  Respects life

• Has an ownership in his education

• Is a strong alumni supporter of schools

• Is a good mentor

• Possesses positive self-worth

• Is proactive socially as well as academically

• Takes responsibility

• Is accountable for actions

• Presents self well in all situations



• Has a goal of further education

• Is fully prepared for further education

• Is organized

• Is a self-directed problem solver

• Possess articulate speaking skills

• Is a life-long learner and critical thinker

• Integrates technology

• Writes with purpose and accuracy


• Is physically active

• Is active in extracurricular activites

• Has a healthy lifestyle

• Demonstrates appreciation of natural


Prince of Peace Catholic Schools prepare students to lead meaningful lives by combining rigorous academics with opportunities for exploration and reflection.


Prince of Peace Catholic Schools are one of the area's leading Catholic Schools.

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