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Think of 3 to 4 individuals who you believe know you well and could write a positive letter of recommendation on your behalf.  Examples: Teachers from junior year or current year, coaches, work supervisors, friend of the family who works in the field that you are intending to study in college, alumni from the college you wish to attend, etc.  References should not be family members or relatives.


Ask each individual if they feel comfortable and are willing to write you a favorable letter of recommendation.  If they say yes, provide them with the information below.  If they say no, thank them for their honesty and move on to the next person.


Give each person plenty of time to write you a letter of recommendation.  One month would be great.  If you don’t have that much time, give the individual at least 2 weeks!  Check in with each person 1 week before you need the letter.  Nicely remind them of the date you need the letter.


I suggest that you type the information below or write it neatly on a piece of paper.  Give the following information AND your Student Resume to each person once they have agreed to write a letter on your behalf.


• Student Name


• Purpose of the Letter of Recommendation:  College Application, College Scholarship, Local Scholarship.


• Please write letter to the attention of ________________________.  Examples: Admissions Representative, Selection Committee, Scholarship Committee, etc.


• Directions once letter is complete:  Return to student, mail to college, return to Mrs. Miller.  Provide the writer with a date to have the letter completed.  If the letter is to be returned in a sealed envelope or mailed, please provide the  writer with the envelopes and stamps.  If you cannot afford these items, please  speak with Mrs. Miller.


• Plans after high school:  List colleges to which you are applying, intended major, career of interest.



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