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Parents wishing for their son/daughter to transfer to Shawe or Pope John must first contact the Enrollment Office to arrange tour and/or shadow day.  Shawe transfers are made only at the beginning of a semester for high school students; however, exceptions are made for students transferring from out of town.  Students may transfer into the junior high at Shawe or Pope John Elementary at any time during the school year as long as all requirements are met (please see below).  Refer to Steps to the Application Process in the Admission section.  The student’s previous school will also be contacted for an additional recommendation.  In the case of a home school situation, the student’s home school transcript will be reviewed and accepted credit will be determined.  The admissions committee will decide if the transfer is in the best interest of the student and Shawe Memorial Jr/Sr High School or Pope John XXIII Elementary based on the following criteria:


• The transcript does not contain significant deficiencies

• The student can develop a course plan and graduation plan keeping with normal progression through each grade level

• There is evidence that the student will be successful at Shawe or Pope John

• There is room in particular classes needed by the student

• The student is not under suspension or expulsion from a previous school

• The student does not have extreme absences, tardies, or other disciplinary action from previous school

• There are no personal circumstances that would seriously hinder success

• The student has demonstrated a sincere interest in attending Shawe or Pope John and fulfilling all requirements


Note: Transfer students may be admitted on a probationary basis.  Academic, behavioral, and attendance records will be reviewed by administration at the end of the first quarter as well as at the end of the first semester.  At that time a determination will be made concerning the probationary status of the student’s enrollment.





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